Detail from The Secret Rapture

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December 9th, 2012

New Portfolio Book:

The Sophianic Body
- The Art of A. Andrew Gonzalez

December 7th, 2012

Andrew will be the featured artist at the Portland Art Museum for the InspireTruth New Year's Eve Festival!

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November 23rd, 2012

The 2013 A. Andrew Gonzalez Calendar

The A. Andrew Gonzalez 2013 Calendar

August 18th, 2012

I'm back from Europe and ready to take poster orders. Thank you for your patience.

August 2nd, 2012

My gallery will be open for a First Friday show tomorrow from 6pm - 11pm. Three new artists will be featured: Sean Isao, Susan Brumfield Farris and Aaron Farris, plus my work.

Sean will be displaying pen and ink drawings on parchment, and is influenced by Polynesian and Japanese art, as well as cyberpunk manga. Aaron is a metal artist who creates hanging pieces that catch light in an interactive fashion as the viewer changes their position. Susan has a wide range of styles, but will be displaying primarily figurative works. Even amongst these, her style varies from piece to piece, keeping things interesting.

I've just left the Boom Festival in Portugal, where I made a global connection with new friends and fans. I'm now on my way to Vienna, and the Palais Palffy, which houses the Phantastenmuseum Wien. The Fantastic Generations - Uncommon Visions show there will feature visionary artists from around the world.

June 21st, 2012

My significant other, Heidi Allen, will be running the First Friday shows at my gallery on July 6th and August 3rd. The July show will feature Austin/San Francisco Bay artist Darren Minke and Stillwater, Texas artist Frank Suchomel. The August show will feature San Antonio artist Sean Isao, and possibly another artist to be announced. My work will also be on display.

Doors open at 6pm. The studio is in the back of the same building that hosts the Blue Star Contemporary Art Center in San Antonio. Just look for the signs.

June 20th, 2012

I will be teaching again at the annual seminar at Torri Superiore, Italy from July 1st to the 21st. Then I'll be teaching at the Boom Festival in Portugal, which runs from the July 28th to August 4th. However, I'll have to leave early.

I'll be making preparations for a piece to be shown at two French shows: At the Galerie de l’Art Visionnaire de Paris from September 1-21, and Chimeria from October 20 - November 4.

Lastly, I travel to Vienna, Austria, where my painting 'Uli Rising' will be part of a show at the Phantastenmuseum Wien.

If you're interested in buying limited edition or poster, please wait until I return to order. Thank you.

April 2nd, 2012

My studio will be open for San Antonio's First Friday art celebration. The address is in my posting below.

March 24th, 2012

My new studio in San Antonio, Texas, will be open tomorrow (Sunday) from noon to 4pm as a part of the Contemporary Art Month Open Studio Tour. I'm in studio #1, located at The Blue Star Arts Complex at 120 Blue Star, San Antonio, TX 78204. After you park, go between the 2 largest buildings to the "alley" and look to your left. The studio is up the stairs. You'll see a sign on the staircase.

March 19th, 2012

A new Facebook page has been created to annouce new products featuring my work.

March 12th, 2012

There are now many new items available in my shop, including pendants, phone cases, ties, pillows. laptop sleeves, skateboards and more. This selection will continue to grow, so keep checking back.

Here's a video by Omananda of me painting at Torri Superiori in 2010.

October 20th , 2011

On Oct. 23 - 25, I will be in Key West, Florida during Fantasy Fest 2011 for a group show at the De Rubeis Gallery - 716 Duval St. (786-430-9805)
There will be new small original paintings available. My show will be on Monday evening - 8-11pm. On Tuesday 1-4pm, I will give a demo on my painting technique.

May 12th , 2011

I'll be teaching an" Airbrush Intensive" again in Italy July 17th- 24th 2011
at the Visions in the Misch Technique Seminar
More information:

Students will have the unique opportunity of studying the Airbrush with Andrew Gonzalez. The Airbrush Intensive consists of six 2 hour sessions with Andrew ~ amounting to a total of 12 hours. Maximum attention is guaranteed, since the teacher will work side-by-side with 2 students at a time ~ each student plus the teacher having an airbrush in hand...
Students may come prepared with a Drawing 12" x 18" in size ~ or improvise a Design through patterns and stencils gathered in Nature (leaves, flower petals, etc). Through a layered process of adding and erasing, you will learn how to gradually develop an airbrush painting with fine lines, subtle shading, soft atmosphere and highlights.

May 12th , 2011

Original painting for sale. You can see me working on this painting in the video above. It was part of a spontaneous collaboration with a few of my students.
The money from the sale of this painting will help support a student to attend the seminar in Italy.

Please email for additional information or questions:

Airbrush on canvas, approximately 48x36 inches

September 26, 2010

I'll be in Key West, Florida for a show during the week of Fantasy Fest, Oct 24-31th
at the DeRubeis Fine Art of Metal Gallery at 716 Duval St.

July 6th , 2010

I'm traveling to Torri Superiore, Italy for my Airbrush Intensive workshop
and will return July 27th.

June 22th , 2010

A Rare Event in my home town....I'm showing work in a group show in San Antonio, Tx!
The "Psychedelia and Fantastic Realism" exhibition is at the Long Hall Gallery
Opening June 26th 7-11pm

May 23th , 2010

I'll be in Key West, Florida Memorial Day Weelend May 28-3oth
For a show at the DeRubeis Fine Art of Metal Gallery at 716 Duval St.

May 23th , 2010

I'll be posting more information on the Airbrush Intensive in Italy shortly

March 26th , 2010

I've been in the middle of a move to a new living/work location apologies for the delay in answering email
It's been a very hectic time for me
Photo's of new work soon

February 11th , 2010

I'll be in Las Vegas this Weekend (Feb.12-14th 2010) showing new work
and demonstrating my airbrush technique in a collabrative painting with
artist Craig Tracy.
Location at the Michael Godard Gallery (Oh My Godard Gallery) in the
Miracle Mile Shops-Planet Hollywood.

February 11th , 2010

I'll be teaching an airbrush intensive workshop in Italy this Summer
as part of the MischTechnik Seminar given by artist Laurence Caruana and
Amanda Sage - Seminar Info
More details soon

February 11th , 2010

Forgot to add...
Artist Sandeep Chandran visited my studio recently.
A very cool visit and conversation... always wonderful to connect with
like-minded artist.
You can view his work at :

November 22th , 2009

Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas shows in December and new large painting.
more details soon. (Cancelled due to injury)

September 16th , 2009

I will be in Las Vegas showing new work this weekend , Sept 18-20th at the
Michael Godard Gallery (Oh My Godard Gallery) in the Miracle Mile Shops-
Planet Hollywood. I'll be there to unveal the reproduction of my latest prints
(including "The Creatrix") and a new small painting titled "Lorelei".

February 18th , 2009

I will be showing four works at the "Chimeria Festival" March 7 to 15th
F estival International des Arts Visionnaires - Sedan, France

January 1st , 2009

Happy New Year!
I have a couple of fine art prints showing at the "Temple of Visions" show
this Sat. Jan 3rd in Los Angeles at the Hive Gallery.

December 8th , 2008

Prints of my last three paintings:
Uli Rising, The Virgin Queen and The Song of Sophia are available at

November 20th , 2008

I'll be showing a piece at the "East Austin Studio Tour" this weekend Nov 22-23 , 10am-5pm
A t the sustainable waves warehouse complex at 4704 East Cesar Chavez, just past Springdale.
We are numbers 56 and 57 on the EAST map, ---- I'll be there Sunday

November 20th , 2008

Suite Jesus show at the Minna Gallery in San Francisco
Friday 21st Nov - I'll have three pieces showing

October 4th , 2008

After months of creative hibernation (felt more like suspended animation),
I'm finally getting back into my painting groove......much to catch up on.....

If you're in Las Vegas, you can see my reproductions and new painting "The Virgin Queen"
at the Signature Arists gallery in the Miracle Mile Shops (Planet Hollywood)

Met artist KD Matheson at Art Expo!

October 3rd , 2008

A couple of new pieces

"The Virgin Queen"

"Uli Rising"

April 1st , 2008

Old Masters - New Visions Workshop and Seminar
USA - April 27 - May 17 2008 Eureka Springs, AR
I highly recommend this workshop (first time in the USA in many years!)
Old Masters Mixed Technique of Painting in Egg Tempera and Oils
Prof. Philip Rubinov Jacobson & Cynthia Re Robbins
More info at:

February 23, 2008

Show at Avalon Art Gallery
Avalon Art Gallery, 707 Front St. Lahaina, HI 96761
Feb. 28 - March 1 ... I will be in Lahaina, Maui for an exhibition of my reproductions as well
as a new original painting created exclusively for the show.

The Song of Sophia

For the past couple of months, I've been focusing all my time in preparation for the show.
My apologies on late shipping of poster orders.., these will ship as soon as I return and will include a free poster of The Song of Sophia.

December 22, 2007

Avalon Art Gallery
If you are traveling to Maui you can view or purchase my fine art limited editions at:
Avalon Art Gallery, 707 Front St. Lahaina, HI 96761

December 7, 2007

The Invisible College Magazine
Issue #3 features my artwork. Beautifully created by Gwyllm Llwydd
You can now buy the paperback book, or download the PDF

November 21, 2007

GALERIE 10 - Vienna, Austria Nov. 29th 2007
The gallery is showing four of my reproductions in this small group show promoting
the book "Metamorphosis"

November 21, 2007

GALLERY O - Australia - "Mojo Surreal" group exhibiton Nov. 15th - Dec 9th
They are exhibiting two of my large canvas reproductions of "Oracle of the Pearl"
and "Summoning of the Muse" - more info at Gallery O

September 17, 2007

In the coming months I will be creating short videos of my painting technique
with footage of my works-in-progress and ink drawings.

September 17, 2007

A. Andrew Gonzalez MySpace page -

September 16, 2007

Soon to be released - Two books featuring my artwork.
"Dreamscape 2 - The Best in Imaginary Realism"
(Available Dec. 2007 or Jan. 2008)
Spectrum 14 - The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art
(Available late October)

April 24, 2007

New book - "Metamorphosis" finally available - $40 AUD + shipping.
Featuring my work together with many of the most amazing artists of today.

Metamorphosis - 50 Contemporary Surreal, Fantastic & Visionary Artists

"We have published an art book entitled 'Metamorphosis' which presents the work of 50 contemporary Surreal & Fantastic Artists. We have endeavored to compile a balanced publication, showing the extremes of both ‘light’ and ‘dark’ themes. The two extremes are usually presented separately, but we believe they belong together under the umbrella of human experience. By featuring the work of established artists such as Ernst Fuchs, Alex Grey, Victor Safonkin, Andrew Gonzalez, Martina Hoffmann, Laurie Lipton, Chet Zar, Kris Kuksi, Brom and Robert Venosa alongside that of relatively unknown – though extraordinary – artists, we have aimed to bring a host of new artists into the public eye. We hope that this publication will be the first of a series that will provide exposure for many more artists in future." - Jon Beinart - Publisher

More photos of the book at SurrealArtForum

Galactik Trading Card Oracle

pod: To see their trading cards featuring my work, click on 'Portals', then on 'portal art world'.

polyhub :

November 5, 2006

Large canvas reproductions of my two latest paintings (Yemanja and Fravashi) can be seen and purchased at "Synergenesis 3" Nov. 18-19 San Francisco

November 5, 2006

I'll have a few images in Jon Beinart's forthcoming new book "Metamorphosis"

"We are publishing an art book entitled 'Metamorphosis' in late 2006. This book will present the work of 50 contemporary artists of the Surreal Art, Fantastic Realism & Visionary art traditions. As an enthusiast, artist & head of the beinArt publishing team, these movements are very close to my heart. We have endeavoured to compile a balanced publication, showing the extremes of both ‘light’ and ‘dark’ themes. The two extremes are usually presented separately, but we believe they belong together under the umbrella of human experience. By featuring the work of established artists such as Ernst Fuchs, Alex Grey, Philip Rubinov Jacobson, Victor Safonkin, Andrew Gonzalez, Brigid Marlin, Laurie Lipton, Daniel Martin Diaz, Chet Zar, De Es, Peter Gric, Kris Kuksi, Brom and Robert Venosa alongside that of relatively unknown – though extraordinary – artists, we have aimed to bring a host of new artists into the public eye. We hope that this publication will be the first of a
series that will provide exposure for many more artists in future." - Jon Beinart

November 5, 2006

New paintings completed. "Yemanja" and "Fravashi"
Posters and Limited Editions available.

June 29 , 2006

** Anyone who has emailed me between June 25th and June 29th please resend your email.
Unfortunately, my emails between these dates are lost.
I believe there was an email inquiry on limited edtion pricing on 'Amore" - please resend your email.

April 5, 2006

Updated work in progress -'Fravashi'

Jan. 4, 2006

On the cover of the Winter issue of MAPS
(Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies)

Jan. 4, 2006

Latest photo of work in progress. More images soon.
(Click on image)

Oct 2 , 2005

I will be at Synergenesis 2 in San Francisco Oct 8th.
More details at:

May 4, 2005

I will be in Seattle for the '3rd Annual Interdimentional Art Show' on May 14th 2005
This will be an amazing Multi-Media event featuring the works of the leading artist in the Visionary Art movement. Artist such as, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, Luke Brown, Mark Henson, David Heskin, Roman Villagrana, Nemo .... and many more!!

Doors Open 7pm May 14th
108 912 12th Ave.
Capitol Hill, Seattle
Tickets- $15 limited $20 PreSale $20-25 at the Door
to purchase tickets or

Feb. 21, 2005

I've added a less expensive alternative to my $95 Fine Print Portfolio Book. The new portfolio is 28 pages, staple bound with the look of a glossy magazine. If you are looking for the finest detailed images, the original $95 Print Portfolio Book is your choice. But if you are looking for a less expensive collection of my images the Portfolio Magazine is priced at $20 plus shipping.

Jan. 19, 2005

Welcome to the new website! Finally updating a bit for easier navigation throughout the site. Some pages are still under construction, and I will be adding a section for Exhibitions, Events, Seminars and Books and Magazines that feature my work.
I've added a few sketches and doodles in the "Sketches and Doodles" page. I've also added some new "Works-in-Progress" and a few images of my very early paintings in the "Completed Works" section.

My artwork is featured among 149 amazing artist in Philip Rubinov-Jacobson's new spectacular book:
"EYES OF THE SOUL - Exploring Inspiration in Art" extensive Foreword by Ken Wilber. 728 pages, hard cover, 550+ color plates, 225+ black and white reproductions. 14 x 10 inches. An anthology of 149 artists and 12 writers from around the world. Based on 3 years of research into the sources of inspiration.
Avaialble February 2005 - Pre-order at: OPTIMUM-DRUCK

The latest issue of Contour Magazine has a very nice feature article on my artwork.
You can purchase a copy online at

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